What Pie Crust Should You Use for Berry Pie?


Tastes the best but softening butter can make it hard to work with. Work quickly!

The easiest pie crust to work with, shortening pie crust stays soft even after chilling.

Firm and tender crust, sugar pie dough is best for tarts.

Lard gives you a light, flaky, crispy crust. Use it for pies with a long bake time.

Use for no-bake pies. They won't get soggy with moist fillings.

Second best tasting and the cream cheese makes it easy to work with. Soft, tender, flaky.

A healthier version with more fiber, whole wheat pie crust won't be as light or flaky.

Plan on adding sugar, baking powder, and an egg to get gluten-free pie crust to cooperate.