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15 Best Fillings for Lemon Cupcakes (2022)

Are you on a quest to find the best filling for lemon cupcakes? You will love this list that offers a variety of options from curd to ricotta and ganache to cream cheese.

Are you baking a batch of lemon cupcakes? Nothing is better than filling those moist cupcakes with a tantalizing filling. Something mouthwatering. Something unforgettable.

The best lemon cupcakes need a filling. If you need some filling ideas, you are in the right place. You will get plenty of terrific cupcake filling ideas in this article. Then you can decide what the best filling for your lemon cupcakes is.

Blueberry Cupcake Filling

Lemon cupcake filled with blueberry filling and topped with blueberry buttercream frosting.
Fill the lemon cupcake with blueberry filling and then swirl on blueberry cream cheese frosting.

You only need four ingredients for this thick blueberry filling designed to fill cupcakes and layer cakes. Forget the cornstarch when you cook up these blueberries. You will thicken them with Jell-o.

You will love Starburst blue raspberry Jell-o. It gives your berry filling some pizazz. Or try Jell-o’s other flavors: blueberry blue, black cherry, blackberry fusion, or strawberry.

You can also use this method to make cupcake filling with other fruits and fresh berries. Try cherries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, or nectarines. And yes. Each one of those fruit fillings would be excellent with tender lemon cupcakes.

Tart Lemon Curd Filling

Lemon cupcakes filled and topped with lemon curd.
Fill the lemon cupcake so full of lemon curd that it spills out the top.

Pucker up, lemon lovers! Use a tart lemon curd filling when you want your cupcake to explode with a bright lemon flavor. Make the lemon filling as tart or as sweet as you desire. I’m all about the tangy homemade lemon curd!

Using the whole egg in lemon curd makes it lighter and fluffier. Using just the egg yolks in lemon curd cupcakes, makes the filling richer and denser.

Don’t forget about lime, orange, or pink grapefruit curd using the same recipe. Just swap out lemon juice for another citrus juice.

Whipped White Chocolate Ganache

Lemon cupcake filled with white chocolate ganache.
White chocolate ganache inside the lemon cupcake and piped on top.

Ganache can be for drips, or it can be whipped until it is the consistency of frosting. You’re gonna want to whip it here.

White chocolate ganache as a filling is not something you will forget once you try it in moist lemon cupcakes. The sweet ganache can tone down any tart lemon cupcake.

To mix things up, sprinkle in some poppy seeds for a poppy seed ganache filling.

You may also be interested in the post on how to melt white chocolate chips. Or this one on how to melt white chocolate in the microwave.

Seedless Raspberry Filling

Lemon cupcakes filled with seedless raspberry jam and topped with vanilla frosting.
Sweet seedless raspberry filling inside a lemon cupcake.

Who wants seeds in their raspberry filling? Not me. Straining the seeds is a step you won’t want to skip when making raspberry filling for fluffy lemon cupcakes.

Lemon and raspberry make an unforgettable pair. After filling the lemon cupcake, pipe vanilla buttercream icing on top.

Use the same recipe to make other seedless berry fillings. Blackberries, boysenberries, and pomegranates are all fruits that could use some straining before making a cupcake filling.

The good news is that each of these fruits makes an excellent filling for lemon cupcakes.

Mango Mousse

Lemon cupcakes filled with mango mousse and topped with vanilla buttercream and mango chunks.
Mango mousse inside a lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting on top.

Have you tried mango and lemon together? If not, then today is your day to try something new.

Soft, light, airy mousse made with mangos and condensed milk could be a dessert all on its own. But pair it with your favorite lemon cupcake recipe, and you have a unique tropical treat.

If mango isn’t for you, but mousse is, try mousse using these other flavors: white chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, or cherry.

Lemon Buttercream Frosting

Lemon cupcakes filled and topped with lemon buttercream frosting. Each cupcake has a decorative flower on top.
Lemon buttercream inside. Lemon buttercream on top.

You are familiar with buttercream icing already. With a sprinkle more lemon, transform the original buttercream into lemon buttercream.

Lemon buttercream frosting doubles the lemon flavor in lemon cupcakes. But use lemon frosting as a filling for vanilla cupcakes and you have another version of lemon cupcakes.

Dozens of buttercream frosting flavors would taste amazing inside a lemon cupcake. Here are a few to think about: vanilla, raspberry, strawberry, lavender, and white chocolate.

Strawberry Jam

Lemon cupcakes filled with strawberry jam surrounded by whole strawberries.
Stuff the lemon cupcake with strawberry jam. Then top with flavored whipped cream.

There are so many ways to make strawberry jam. And each one makes a sensational lemon cupcake filling.

Try traditional strawberry jam thickened by gelatin or Jell-o. Or try a healthier version of jam thickened with chia seeds.

Whatever way you make it, you will find a strawberry jam filling makes a perfect spring cupcake.

If it is a fruit, you can make it into a jam. If the strawberry-flavored jam doesn’t work for you this time, try these jam flavors as lemon cupcake fillings: grape, mixed berry, peach, or chokecherry.

Coconut Filling with Meringue Topping

Lemon cupcakes filled with coconut filling with a meringue topping on top.
Coconut filling inside and a baked meringue on top of the lemon cupcake.

Calling all coconut lovers. This coconut filling isn’t just flavored with coconut. It has shredded coconut in it too.

But just so you aren’t feeling overwhelmed, the meringue on top of the cupcake will create a breathtaking dessert.

If you want a different texture than a shredded coconut filling, try coconut frosting or whipped white chocolate coconut ganache.

Marshmallow Fluff Filling

Marshmallow filling in a lemon cupcake with a candle on top.
Marshmallow filling inside a lemon cupcake topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkled with mini marshmallows.

Who said marshmallows and lemon don’t go together? Not me.

Typical jarred marshmallow fluff is almost too goopy to pipe into a cupcake. However, making homemade marshmallow fluff filling is perfect for lemon cupcakes.

It’s just the right amount of ooey gooey. Give it a try. But you may need a napkin.

Vanilla Whipped Cream with Instant Pudding

Lemon cupcake filled with whipped cream stabilized with vanilla instant pudding.
When you stabilize whipped cream, it is sturdy enough for a cupcake filling and a topping.

Keep it simple with stabilized whipped cream. Regular whipped cream won’t hold its structure buried inside your favorite cupcake recipe.

However, stabilizing the whipped cream with instant vanilla pudding does the trick. The instant pudding flavors the whipped cream and keeps it sturdy simultaneously.

If you don’t want to whip your own cream, try Cool Whip. You can flavor it with pudding or with any Jell-o packets.

Mascarpone Cream

Lemon cupcake filled and frosted with mascarpone.
Mascarpone inside and outside a lemon cupcake.

Mascarpone is another spectacular way to fill your favorite lemon cupcakes. It is rich, decadent, and drool-worthy.

It will accent many flavor profiles too. Flavor extracts and purees change the taste. You don’t just have to stick with vanilla.

These are delicious cupcakes to serve at a baby shower.

Lemon cupcake with cookie butter center and caramel frosting.
Cookie butter is a unique filling, but it works quite well in a lemon cupcake.

Did you ever think piping cookie butter into the center of each cupcake? This unique filling makes fun cupcakes.

The best cookie butter is Lotus biscoff cookie butter. It has the spiced cookie flavor of Belgium speculoos cookies. You can buy it premade or make it yourself.

Cookie butter is basically crushed spiced cookies that are cooked in a bit of water until dissolved. The mush is then blended with solid coconut oil to make butter.

Most cookie butter is made with speculoos cookies. However, you can make cookie butter with a wide variety of crispy cookies.

Other cookie varieties that taste good with lemon cupcakes include golden Oreos or gingersnaps. If you like a little crunch in your filling, reserve a few crumbles to mix into the prepared cookie butter. Then fill the cupcake.

Ricotta Filling

Homemade ricotta cheese ready to go into a lemon cupcake.
Ricotta pairs perfectly with lemon in sweet or savory dishes.

Homemade ricotta may not be sweet, but it is a good lemon cupcake filling. Especially when you use homemade ricotta made with fresh lemon juice.

Since ricotta filling is often not sweetened, it would be a striking contrast to sweet lemon cupcakes.

Pastry Cream

Lemon cupcakes filled and decorated with pastry cream.
Fill and top cupcakes with pastry cream.

Pastry cream is a kind of custard that has filled eclairs and cream puffs for hundreds of years. If it was good enough for those desserts, it’s good enough to fill cupcakes and cakes. It is thick, creamy, and luscious.

Sweet cream and vanilla are the most popular, but you can flavor pastry cream to get some variety.

Cream Cheese Frosting

Lemon cupcake with cream cheese filling and frosting.
Cream cheese filling makes lemon cupcakes decadent.

Thick, creamy, and tangy. That is what you will get when you pipe cream cheese frosting into a lemon cupcake.

Everyone loves cream cheese. Biting into a filled cupcake packed with lemon cream cheese frosting is my idea of the perfect lemon cupcake.

Cream cheese has a tang that matches the lemon cupcake’s sour taste. But cream cheese can also be flavored to give you even more flavor options.

So now you have it. The very best fillings for lemon cupcakes. Did I miss your favorite? Comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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