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50 Best Melted Chocolate Chips Recipes (2023)

Looking for delicious melted chocolate chips recipes? Make baked goods, frosting, and fudge. Plus dip, dunk, drizzle, and decorate with melted chocolate.

Bowl of melted chocolate with a spoon.

If you believe melted chocolate chips are like liquid gold, we speak the same chocolatey language. You will love all the ways you can bake, drip, drizzle, and decorate with ooey, gooey melted chocolate chips.

There are oodles of recipes for melted chocolate chips. So grab a spoon (fork or whisk), and let’s dive in to this molten magic. Your sweet tooth is waiting.

Melted Chocolate Baked Goods

Cooked and Noncooked Melted Chocolate Recipes

Some of these melted chocolate recipes don't need to be cooked. And others can be cooked on the stove or in the microwave.

No need to heat the oven today.

Chocolate-Covered Creations

If you love chocolate in every bite, chocolate-covered goodies are for you. You can coat anything in chocolate, but some of the best foods to cover are nuts, fruit, candy, desserts, or savory fare.

You can coat goodies in melted dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate. And even white chocolate (or white coating like candy melts or almond bark).

Couverture chocolate is the best kind of chocolate to use for dipping and dunking. It tastes deeply chocolatey and has a beautiful shine.

See the best ways to melt white chocolate.

Decadent Dipped Desserts

Sometimes you just want a taste of chocolate. That is where chocolate-dipped desserts come in.

Dipped desserts are attractive. They will catch your eye. And they make beautiful dessert trays.

Try dipping fruit, cookies, desserts, and even unexpected savory foods.

Drizzled Delights

Drizzling chocolate over food is another good way to upscale any dessert recipe. It is easiest to drizzle melted chocolate in a frosting decorating bag.

But if you don't have one, cut the corner off a ziplock bag, and drizzle the melted chocolate through the snipped corner.

Decorations Galore

Dessert decorations are one of the best ways to use melted chocolate chips. And you can decorate with any type of chocolate.

Get Your Chocolate Education

  • Discover the best ways to melt white chocolate, whether in the microwave or a makeshift double boiler on top of a pot of warm water.

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