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15 Best Bread for Turkey Sliders (2023)

What is the best bread for turkey sliders? Small, soft, and sturdy rolls or buns are used most often. Make cold or baked sliders with most buns.

Stack of baked turkey sliders.

Whether you are serving baked or cold turkey sliders, your success largely depends on the type of bread you use. Each bread brings its own unique texture and flavor to the sandwich. Unfortunately, with so many bun options available, it can be overwhelming.

What is the best bread for turkey sliders? The best bread for turkey sliders is a small sandwich roll or soft bun. Hawaiian rolls, brioche buns, and white slider buns are the most common roll for sliders.

Each bread brings its unique texture and flavor to the table, from soft brioche buns to chewy pretzel buns. Most of these buns are perfect for these baked turkey sliders.

You may also be interested in the best side dishes for turkey sliders. From soups to salads and veggies to finger foods, you will find creative ideas for dinner tonight.

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