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50 Best Sides for Butternut Squash Soup (2023)

What will you serve with butternut squash soup tonight? This article is crammed with brilliant suggestions to pump fresh life back into soup night with enticing side dishes.

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Two bowls of butternut squash soup with toasted French bread.

Soup needs a sidekick. Like salt needs pepper. When soup is on the menu, without fail you will be asked, “Soup and …?”

If you have been frantic about what to serve with butternut squash soup, stress no more. The best types of food to serve with butternut squash soup are breads, sandwiches, salads, finger foods, and meat dishes. Oh, and don’t forget the soup toppings.

Do you love thick, smooth, spicy butternut squash soup with cream cheese? Serve it on a cold day in the fall, or really any time of year when you crave a bowl of hot soup.

In this article you will find the best ideas for side dishes to serve with creamy butternut squash soup. Try a few out and see which ones your family drools over.

Bread Ideas

You expect bread to hang out with hearty soup. They are better together. With the plethora of bread choices, your butternut squash soup meal will always feel fresh.

Want even more bread ideas, check out the best breads to serve with butternut squash soup. Over 30 delicious ideas.

Sandwich Ideas

How many times have you ordered a ½ soup, ½ sandwich combo at your favorite restaurant? Now serve that combination yourself with a scrumptious sandwich and butternut squash soup.

All kinds of cheese compliment butternut squash recipes, so watch out. Sandwiches with cheese, coming your way.

Salad Ideas

Make your butternut squash soup complete with even more veggies. A hearty salad or a medley of roasted vegetables will be delicious with flavorful soup.

Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods are fun. Finger foods add interest. Finger foods create community. Munch on these scrumptious finger food ideas.

Best Meat Side Dishes for Butternut Squash Soup

Sometimes you need a little meat to make a butternut squash soup meal more filling. Especially if you are feeding active teenage boys.

Try a few of these meat side dish ideas to discover which ones are the most satisfying as a side to soup.

And there you have it. A comprehensive list to consult when wondering what to serve with butternut squash soup. Comment below to let me know your favorite soup side.

Hungry for More Soup?

For other healthy soup recipes, try these flavorful soups.

  • Pressure cooker split pea soup with ham bone: Full-flavored split pea soup with ham bone is hearty, nutritious, and easy to whip up in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker releases the flavor and nutrition from the ham bone to create a crave-worthy soup to satisfy your appetite.
  • Vegetable soup with ground beef: Combine tender vegetables and savory ground beef in a flavorful broth to get a mouthwatering vegetable soup with ground beef, packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein.
  • Black Bean Soup: Mouthwatering vegan black bean soup made with roasted polbanos and tomatillos, corn, red onions, carrots, celery, and cilantro.
  • Pumpkin soup: Blend fresh herbs and spices with pumpkin puree, coconut cream, ginger, and apples in this seasonal soup. Ready in about 30 minutes.
  • Turkey soup: Use leftover turkey, along with potatoes, onions, leeks, celery, and herbs for a true comfort food experience. Don’t have turkey? Substitute chicken instead.
  • Split pea soup: Hearty, healthy crock pot split pea soup with ham, carrots, onions, celery, and dried herbs, partially pureed for an easy dinner soup recipe.
  • Taco soup with ground beef: Quick, easy crock pot soup featuring ground beef, 3 kinds of chiles, 2 kinds of beans, and fresh herbs and spices.

More Side Dish Ideas

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